Thursday, May 15, 2008

F.I.N.A.L.S. (Fine. I Never Actually Learned this Stuff)

I took my last final today, and before I set my #2 down, I knew I had done well. Skipping a night's worth of sleep would not afford me anything less, of course.

Now that school's out, I suppose that means I'll have time to relax, right? After all, isn't that what a student's summer vacation is all about?

Eh, not so much.

I have a few days to catch up on a semester's worth of sleep before I start my internship with Grabill Missionary on the 20th. I just found out today that they were able to secure a family for me to live with during my time there. I'm excited about meeting them. I find that it's an incredibly selfless act to welcome a stranger into your home for an extended period of time.

Even more so when that stranger is me.

I'm not particularly nervous about how I'll interact with them. I think that I'm a pretty easy going guy.

My main concern is how I'll do with the church. Mostly because it's been a few months since I've even been active in one. After resigning at County Line before coming to school, I decided that God wouldn't be too upset if I took a sort of sabbatical from church. How long that sabbatical was supposed to last, He did not specify.

Either way, I'm about to venture back into the grind of what my life will be all about: church. More specifically, community.

It'll be good to recharge my academic mind, while strengthening my vocational one.

I believe that seasons like this are to be embraced. Too much of one thing for too long can lead to apathy. And we all know that's just the easy way out.

There's a quote that was shown to me not too long ago:

"That which is without period of rest will not endure."

I'll take that.

Here's a list of my goals for the summer, in no particular order:

*save as much money as possible*take a couple of online classes so I can raise my GPA*invest in some running shoes*run in them*actually use the calender in my Palm Pilot*remember that I actually have a Palm Pilot*increase in my knowledge and understanding of theology through contemplation and prayer*become a better dribbler with my left hand*just become a better dribbler in general*keep myself from raiding the $5 DVD bin at Wal Mart*along with Tyler, figure out the direction we want to go with PUSH*actually head in that direction this time*gain a working beginner's knowledge of photography*invest in the lives of the students of Grabill Missionary*

I hope your week is going well,


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Anonymous said...

maybe your goal should be to get a bit better at ping pong?